Last night Jess and I completed the Oakland Twilight 5K at Jack London Square.   While it was overcast and cold , there was fortunately no rain.  Given the forecasts we were expecting to get a little wet, but were pleasantly surprised to stay dry throughout the race.

I hadn’t trained nearly as much as I should have.  Mostly because of laziness and partly due to the inclement weather we have been experiencing here in the Bay.  I was able to run the entire race, but I felt tired and achy throughout.  My time was about 35 minutes, which is almost 5 minutes longer than a 5K I ran before my half-marathon last year.

I did feel good after the race.  The environment was nice despite the weather.  The turnout was substantially less than last year’s 5K, but those that showed up were in spirit.

Jess finished in good spirits as well.  She wasn’t able to train as well as she had hoped either, but this is only the first step in her path toward the Bermuda Half-Marathon in January.  After all, it’s a marathon not a sprint! (pun intended)