After we left the farm last Sunday, we had to make our obligatory stop at Pedrick’s Produce, which is just down the road from Eatwell.  While there, I got tempted into way too much produce and ended up making several things in jars over the past week to use it all up.  Let’s be honest, though – that’s never a bad thing.

I grabbed a few extra pounds of green beans to turn into dilly beans:

As well as some mangoes for mango lime jam, which I mostly made because one of GO’s summer fellows, John, really likes it and he’s been doing a bang-up job.  I felt like he deserved a little jam love to show my appreciation:

I also have been wanting to make some plum jam, so I tried that out on Sunday as well:

I ended up making a few of the jars into vanilla plum jam, and I actually prefer this variation to the regular kind.

It was a busy weekend – almost 50 jars of food.  I’m pretty sure that blows any previous record of mine totally out of the water.

While we were at the farm, I was telling my friend Sierra about how much pesto I had from our farm drowning us in basil (never a bad thing!).  She reminded me what it would be like in February when I was out of pesto, and I realized that it would indeed be smart to make more.  Before we left the farm, I grabbed several bunches of basil to take with me and ended up making quite a bit more one night this week and freezing it.  I think we’ll be set for the year at this point.

And finally, we had some cherries that needed attention.  Cherry season seems to have come and gone, but Jon somehow brought home a few pounds of them from the grocery store last weekend.  We have been enjoying the few jars of cherries in red wine that we made a few weeks back, so we made several more jars of that this week.  I wanted to experiment with doing some in white wine (since I prefer whites to reds).  Interestingly enough, by the time the jars were filled it was impossible to tell between the white and red wines because the cherries added such a strong color.