Last weekend, Jon and I joined our  friends Steve, Sierra, and Allison to head up for Eatwell Farm’s annual Tomato Sauce Party. Eatwell is the farm that Jon and I get our CSA box from every other week – we love our boxes, and we especially love the events that Eatwell puts on throughout the year.  This is by far my favorite – we went last year, and I’ve been planning for and anticipating it ever since.

This event boasts thousands of pounds of amazing tomatoes, garlic, peppers, basil, and onion that about a hundred Eatwell members and their guests then turn into hundreds of jars of tomato products.

We decided to make four things at the party – tomato sauce, salsa, bruschetta, and whole canned tomatoes.  We started going around 11 AM and finished up our cooking somewhere just before dinnertime (7ish?).  Eatwell has a great garden that members can camp on overnight, so we stayed to enjoy the campfire and woke up the next morning to farm fresh eggs with amazing tortillas.  To say that I love going to these events is quite the understatement.

Below is a slideshow of the fun we had.  The best part? We’re going back for Tomato Sauce Party #2 next weekend!