I am back to running, having officially started my half-marathon training this morning.  I did 2 miles, and it wasn’t too tough.

My husband gave me a great idea a week or so ago when I was trying to figure out a good plan for taking walk breaks if I needed to.  I’m ramping up a bit faster than will be easy (4 miles in about two weeks), and I wanted to find a balance of challenging and reasonable.  I’m not the kind of person who will think that I have really “done” a half marathon if I’m not running the entire time.  The same is true of a training run – if I had to take walk breaks during a 4-mile run, I wouldn’t feel like I could say I actually ran 4 miles.  So Jon’s idea is to make sure I run the full amount, even if I take a walk break.  So if I need to stop for .1 miles and walk, I just add that on to the end of my run.  Today I ended up actually doing 2.25, with the .25 representing a few walk breaks interspersed throughout the run.  I’ll need to build up to the point where I’m not taking any walk breaks at all, but this is a good way to help me get started while also staying true to the amount of running I need to do.

My training plan has me running 236 miles total – that feels both empowering and daunting at the same time.  Only 234 more to go!

Training Recap:

Miles Run: 2

Miles Left: 234

Days Left: 124