This weekend, Jon is busy with New Leaders Council, a leadership program that I completed in 2009 (highly recommended), so I’ve been able to have a really nice quiet weekend just to do whatever I want to do. It’s especially nice after the last two weekends had us out of town.

I got in a run around the Lake, made orange/clementine marmalade, finally got around to printing & transferring some photos onto extra flour sack towels I’ve had since the holidays, filed away everything in the embarrassingly-full “To Be Filed” box, planned a dinner party for next week, and gotten our apartment nice and clean.

While making the marmalade, I decided that since I had the weekend free, I’d also try to make the leftover rind into candied citrus rind, a process that takes about 3 days (mostly hands-off waiting time). It’s currently drying in the oven – we’ll see how it turns out tomorrow. Below is the rind boiling in the simple syrup.

I’ve also gotten caught up on the last few episodes of Smash, the only show that I can really get away with watching without Jon (he’s not that into it). The rest of today will be either starting to re-read Hunger Games (I want to jog my memory before the midnight showing next Thursday!), researching a DSLR camera, planning/booking my alone vacation, or reading through a packet about preparing for emergencies and taking some of those next steps. Or none of that, or some combination of that. It’s the freakin’ weekend – I’ll do whatever feels good at the moment, right?

I definitely broke the chain of writing down what I eat, so I’ve got to get that going again. I decided that the next two weeks are the ones I’m going to try to leave work by 5 PM two weeks straight (as per my 30 by 30 list). I normally have at least one evening commitment each week, but the next two weeks are clear so it’s as good a time as any to try it out. I’m used to working until quite a bit later than that, though, so I’m interested to see what I’ll learn about myself/my work during these few weeks.