This morning, I got the chance to go to the Cal Academy of Sciences with Mariah and Cassie, and we had a grand time. There’s quite a bit more to see than we had time for, so I’m looking forward to going back again someday. It’s a really fantastic place – well put-together and a lot of fun.


Other quick updates:

  • #19 – I’m one week into two weeks of leaving work at 5pm. It’s tough, and I’m learning some important lessons.
  • #1 – I started an account at and have already found some neat things like my parents’ marriage license.
  • #29 – The Oakland Running Festival 5K is one week from today!
  • #9 – The potato plants seem to be growing like crazy lately! I can’t wait for them to flower so we can dig them up and see how the actual potatoes turned out – all I can confirm at this point is that we’ve got tall healthy green plants growing above the soil.

Here’s an update on my progress so far on my 30 by 30 list:

In progress

  1. Start looking into my family tree
  2. Six weeks of not drinking any soda
  3. Go back to Bermuda
  4. Visit Africa
  5. Finish a half-marathon
  6. Take a vacation by myself
  7. Take a bike ride
  8. Scan my old photos and share them
  9. Grow some sort of food to eat
  10. Take a photography class (scheduled for early May!)
  11. Buy a better camera
  12. One month of being fully hydrated (64 oz. water per day)
  13. Two months of writing down what I eat every day
  14. Plan a “30 Acts of Kindness” day for my 30th Birthday
  15. Finish the scarf I started
  16. Read two books about South Africa
  17. One month of exercising every single day
  18. Introduce 5 friends to Eatwell Farm (2 so far!)
  19. Two weeks of stopping my workday by 5 PM
  20. Two weeks of not reading any email before 10 AM
  21. Finish funding our 6-months of expenses emergency fund
  22. Visit the California Academy of Science
  23. One week of eating every dinner with something from our CSA box
  24. Help out with Casey’s Girl Scout Troop at least once
  25. Try 5 new Oakland restaurants – B Side BBQ, Pican, Vegan Soul Food, Chop Bar, and ________
  26. Donate meaningful amounts to at least two Oakland school board candidates
  27. Volunteer for at least two Oakland school board campaigns
  28. Volunteer for the Obama campaign
  29. Finish at least two 5K races
  30. Try out more variety in the shoes I wear