Even though I haven’t been blogging much about it, I have been making some progress on my 30 by 30 list. Last Friday was my half-birthday, so I have 6 more months to get everything done!

Take an Alone Vacation
Booking this trip has been on my list for months, but I keep starting and stopping the process. I think what has held me back is the desire to swim in warm water and the lack of that anywhere on the West Coast. But I think I’ve solved it, and in a relatively budget-friendly way. Today I booked a few nights at an affordable hotel in Santa Cruz, CA, along with a few spa treatments at a nearby resort. Paying for spa treatments will give me the opportunity to spend a whole day at the resort to enjoy their jacuzzi, heated pool, sauna, etc. And I’ll get a massage and a facial to boot! This is scheduled for mid-September – pretty exciting!

Grow Food
We finished growing a small crop of potatoes in a planter on our porch. It was almost too easy. We ended up enjoying the potatoes with a pot roast with our friends Sarah and Ross. I’ve got a few more potatoes in the hall closet – as soon as they’ve sprouted, I’m planning to start another round of potatoes growing. In the meantime, we’re also growing peppers, sugar snap peas, basil, and rosemary! This is how everything looked about a month ago.

Photography Class
Laila and I took a photography class at Sarber’s Cameras in Montclair a few days before I left for Africa. I found it really helpful – it at least got me started enough to make use of the basic settings on the DSLR on our trip. About a week into our Africa trip, Jon told me that he doubted that the camera had been a good purchase at first – he said his mind was changed once he saw the quality of the photos it took.

Power of One
I said I’d read two books set in or about South Africa, and I just finished my first. It’s called Power of One (weird that I can’t underline text?), and I very much enjoyed it. My friend Jeni said that Peekay is one of her favorite characters ever. I feel the same way, Jeni!

School Board
Before the June 30th reporting deadline, Jon and I made contributions to three school board candidates that we believe in (my 30 by 30 said at least two contributions). This November, the President will be on the ballot. But more important to my students and the rest of Oakland’s kids is the school board election – it matters deeply. My organization, Great Oakland Public Schools, is going to be working hard to ensure we get a great school board. I would really appreciate your help – if you’re reading this and can spare $10, it would make a difference. We’re hoping to get 200 individual donors by July 31st.

5K Races
I wanted to run two, and I have! I ran the Oakland 5K and then the See Jane Run 5K. I’m particularly proud of the See Jane Run one – I hadn’t run for about a month (mostly because of our trip), but I was still able to get out there and run the whole thing. Next up? The Color Run in Sacramento with James and Jon!

I wanted to introduce 5 friends, and we’ve surpassed that! We have at least two friends who have become members, and lots of others joined us up at the farm in May for Strawberry Days. We picked and ate our fill of strawberries, had a picnic, then came home and made jam with them on Sierra and Steve’s porch.

ImageBonus – Our Health Goals
Jon and I decided on our way out of Africa that we wanted to do another international trip sometime in the spring of 2013. We’re not sure where to go yet, but Brazil, Thailand, and Italy are all on the list of potential spots. Because getting healthier is a big goal for both of us, we’ve decided to make this trip a “carrot” of sorts. Together, we’re going to lose 70 pounds by March 1st, 2013. If we haven’t lost the weight by then, we’re not going. Eek! The public nature of this is stressful for me, but also very motivating. 🙂 We started tracking our weight the morning after we got back home, and so far I’ve lost just about 4 pounds and Jon has lost about 7. We even have a tracker on the wall! Nerds.

The List

In progress

  1. Start looking into my family tree
  2. Six weeks of not drinking any soda
  3. Go back to Bermuda
  4. Visit Africa (everything is booked – we leave on May 12)
  5. Finish a half-marathon
  6. Take a vacation by myself (booked for Santa Cruz in September)
  7. Take a bike ride
  8. Scan my old photos and share them
  9. Grow some sort of food to eat
  10. Take a photography class (scheduled for early May!)
  11. Buy a better camera
  12. One month of being fully hydrated (64 oz. water per day)
  13. Two months of writing down what I eat every day
  14. Plan a “30 Acts of Kindness” day for my 30th Birthday
  15. Finish the scarf I started
  16. Read two books about South Africa (one finished!)
  17. One month of exercising every single day
  18. Introduce 5 friends to Eatwell Farm
  19. Two weeks of stopping my workday by 5 PM
  20. Two weeks of not reading any email before 10 AM
  21. Finish funding our 6-months of expenses emergency fund
  22. Visit the California Academy of Science
  23. One week of eating every dinner with something from our CSA box
  24. Help out with Casey’s Girl Scout Troop at least once
  25. Try 5 new Oakland restaurants – B Side BBQ, Pican, Vegan Soul Food, Chop Bar, and Wood Tavern
  26. Donate meaningful amounts to at least two Oakland school board candidates
  27. Volunteer for at least two Oakland school board campaigns
  28. Volunteer for the Obama campaign
  29. Finish at least two 5K races
  30. Try out more variety in the shoes I wear