It’s been over a month since the last time I blogged about my 30 by 30 list.  Since starting my job at Aspire, I’ve been a bit busy but I’m still thinking of my list!  First a quick update on the first 10, then onto items 11 – 20.

  1. Keg a homebrewed beer
  2. Build a jockey box to serve homebrewed beer from keg
  3. Create my own home brew beer recipe
  4. Take an introductory Spanish course
  5. Lose 30lbs – only 23.4lbs left!
    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t done so well tracking what I’ve been eating recently, but I have been consistently biking to work.
  6. Complete a 30 mile bike ride
  7. Run a total of 300 miles – only 257 miles left!
    1. I haven’t done a great job running recently, although I did manage to get 2 runs in while I was traveling.  Also, RunKeeper now tracks goals so I can easily see my progress every time I run.
    2. I’m 14% toward my goal after completing 13% of the year so far (birthday-to-birthday)
  8. Visit 12 new restaurants in Oakland – 3 down, 9 remaining
    1. Jess and I visited Wood Tavern on College Ave.  The steak was delicious.  Definitely worth a trip, but make sure to get reservations.  (Thanks Greg and Mariah for the GC!)
    2. This weekend we stopped by Home of Chicken & Waffles in Jack London Square.  The chicken was OK, but the waffle was excellent.
  9. Enroll in an improv comedy class
    1. I found a class in Oakland this Fall that looks very promising
  10. Eat vegetarian for 30 consecutive days
    1. I’m planning to do this in October – after the BBQ season slows down.
  11. Investigate my family ancestry
    1. Jess has been using with lots of success, so I figure I will give it a shot as well.
  12. Travel to a new city in the U.S
    1. We are excited to be traveling to Austin, TX for New Year’s.  Let me know if you have any suggested spots
  13. Enter Homebrew competition
    1. I have an Oktoberfest lager that I am planning to submit to the Oaktoberfest competition.  Just hoping they don’t spit it out.
  14. Floss for 30 consecutive days
    1. I never quite been able to floss consistently, here’s hoping!
  15. Visit a shooting range
    1. I’m not exactly Charlton Heston when it comes to guns, but I am curious about going to a range.
  16. Ride in a hot air balloon
    1. Happened to see a groupon so we are booked for October 6
  17. Build a compost bin
    1. Living in an apartment building this may be a tough one, but we do have room on our porches and perhaps I can convince our landlord to let me have it in our communal space.  This way it would be easy for all tenants to use.
  18. Organize an apartment-wide yard sale
    1. We are always trying to get rid of stuff to create more space in our apartment, perhaps other folks in our building are as well.
  19. Cook 12 new recipes
    1.  We have a tiny kitchen so cooking can be a chore, but I would like to cook more.
  20. I’ll let you know when this one is complete

Let me know if you have suggestions for other things to put on my list