Here is the final list in its entirety!

  1. Keg a homebrewed beer
  2. Build a jockey box to serve homebrewed beer from keg
  3. Create my own home brew beer recipe
  4. Take an introductory Spanish course
    1. Researched classes at local community colleges.  Most likely will enroll in a Spring class.
  5. Lose 30lbs – only 21.4lbs left!
    1. This past week was not so good, but I’m committed to biking to work and getting back on the running trail (see below).
  6. Complete a 30 mile bike ride
  7. Run a total of 300 miles – only 257 miles left!
    1. I’m 16% toward my goal after completing 17.5% of the year so far (birthday-to-birthday) so I have fallen a bit behind, but I ran 2 times this week and will run around the Lake Merritt tomorrow.
  8. Visit 12 new restaurants in Oakland – 4 down, 8 remaining
    1. This week the Aspire team visited Ghazal Indian Cuisine on 2nd and Broadway in Jack London Square.  It was a solid Indian buffet for $12.  I’d recommend it for lunch if you are in the area.
  9. Enroll in an improv comedy class
  10. Eat vegetarian for 30 consecutive days
  11. Investigate my family ancestry
  12. Travel to a new city in the U.S
  13. Enter Homebrew competition
  14. Floss for 30 consecutive days
  15. Visit a shooting range
    1. Found two spots nearby that look promising.
  16. Ride in a hot air balloon
  17. Build a compost bin
  18. Organize an apartment-wide yard sale
  19. Cook 12 new recipes
  20. I’ll let you know when this one is complete
  21. Bike to work every day for one month
  22. Volunteer for the local school board races
    1. I’d like to do 2 phone banks and 2 walks
  23. Volunteer for the Obama campaign
    1. I think Jess has scheduled us for a phone bank soon.
  24. Make an offer on a house
    1. We’ve just started the house searching process and aren’t sure if it will work out, but I think it would be cool to at least put an offer in at some point.
  25. Refrain from eating out for one month
  26. Track what I eat every day for one month
    1. If I track what I eat I almost always eat more healthy food
  27. Install a solid state hard drive (SSD) in our home theater computer (HTPC)
    1. This is the best upgrade you can make to a computer in terms of noticeable increase in speed.  Prices have gotten reasonable for 128GB drives
  28. Find a mentor
    1. I’ve always thoughts about, why not do it now?
  29. See a Broadway show
    1. We will be visiting NJ for my brother’s graduation in June, so we can stop by NYC while we are visiting.
  30. 30 nice things for other people

Let me know if you have suggestions for other things to put on my list