As you might know, I celebrated my 30th birthday over the past few days with 30 acts of kindness. It was truly inspiring and fun – I really recommend this as a great way to have a fantastic birthday. It reminded me about how much doing something kind for others really provides just as much benefit for you as them – it’s a great time.

Without further ado, here’s a recap of the 30 acts. I also tweeted throughout the day – read my tweets here.

  1. Had pizzas delivered to the fire station near my apartment to say thanks for their service.
  2. Found the online wish list for the Oakland Animal Service and bought a dog toy from it to send their way.
  3. ImageDonated blood – I really have to do this more frequently! I was a very regular donor in high school and college and I haven’t donated very much since then. Thanks so much to Allison, Jon, and Joseph who also are donating later this week!
  4. Donated to help my friend William David Williams get his mom a place to live.
  5. Set up a donation page for Camp Phoenix, a nonprofit that is kicking off this summer with an amazing free summer camp for kids who otherwise would never have access to camp. We’ve raised $250 so far – if you have a few dollars to give, I’d appreciate your support!Image
  6. Dropped off a bag of Bath and Body Works lotions, body washes, and toothbrushes at MISSEY, an organization that works with sexually exploited youth.
  7. I bought my mom a photo panel and a photo she liked of the dog from this year’s Christmas celebrations.
  8. I sent an email to my favorite blogger to let her know how much I appreciate her work.
  9. I let a grandmother who was with two grandkids cut in line at the grocery store. This was probably my favorite of all of the acts – she was so, so grateful! It made my entire day.
  10. ImageI got a manicure and pedicure at my favorite spot for this (seriously – it’s the best manicure to be had) and gave a big tip and some homemade jam to the awesome women there.
  11. Wrote a Thank You card to my colleague Marc who is a great teammate.
  12. Placed inspirational quotes on random parked car windshields.
  13. Left a note on a parked ambulance with a Starbucks gift card.
  14. Plastic bags are now banned in my county as of January 1st, so I bought some tote bags and handed them out at the grocery store to people who had forgotten theirs.
  15. Took a bouquet of flowers to a hospital and gave them to a woman whose nurse told me she hadn’t had any visitors.
  16. Bought litter to give to the East Bay SPCA from their wishlist.
  17. ImageLeft two copies of books I’ve enjoyed (both by John Grisham) in coffee shops for others to find.
  18. Taped quarters to a Coke machine.
  19. Bought a game of Superheroes Chutes and Ladders to give to Children’s Hospital – something they ask for on their donations page.
  20. Taped quarters to the car wash and the car vacuum machines.
  21. Made a donation to two fantastic Oakland organizations, Oakland Schools Foundation and Boost! West Oakland.
  22. Paid for the breakfast of the car behind us in the drive-through.
  23. Left a big tip for the outstanding staff at Samurai Sushi Boat, my neighborhood sushi spot, where I had a fun birthday dinner with friends.
  24. Bought coffee for the woman behind me in line at Starbucks.
  25. Put plate of homemade muffins in lobby of our apartment building for my neighbors.
  26. ImageLeft quarters on the washing machine in our apartment building.
  27. Contributed to three of my favorite Oakland schools – Think College Now, Elmhurst Community Prep, and Lighthouse Community Charter School.
  28. Gave back to the Semester at Sea scholarship fund, which is a key reason I was able to study abroad in college.
  29. Gathered up clothing and books and added them to the things already in “To Be Donated” box in the closet and packaged them up for Goodwill. I actually still have this in the back seat of my car – I’ll be dropping it off this week.
  30. Said thanks to my friends who joined me for my birthday dinner by bringing them each a jar of jam, marmalade, or fruit butter.