As you might know, Jon and I both had lists of 30 things we wanted to do by the time we were turned 30 years old. We completed most of our lists (missed a few), and enjoyed the process.

About 10 months ago on Valentine’s Day, we spent our evening with Indian takeout and a notebook writing down ideas for our next list – a “40 by 40”. We have revisited and refined the list a bit over the last year (things got a little busy with the addition of an adorable baby), and we finally finished it up recently. There are actually 42 things on this list because we figured we could use a little wiggle room and couldn’t figure out more to cut.

Below is the list – being publicly accountable will help us make these things happen. You’ll see we’ve completed one so far – getting a king-sized bed (!), and that there are a few private goals as well.

We’ve got about 8.5 years until we’re both 40 years old – let’s get started.

Stewart Family 40 by 40 List

For our family:

  1. Have a dog join the family.
  2. Live and/or vacation internationally for at least one 3 month period.
  3. Take a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park.
  4. Jessica & Jonathan take at least 3 trips with no children, including one for our 10th anniversary.
  5. Take one trip with a destination we decide after having already arrived at the airport to leave.
  6. Lose a collective 15% of our combined body weights keep it off for one year.
  7. Be financially able to purchase a home (or have purchased one).
  8. Make a trip to an Auburn football game in an RV.
  9. Renew our marriage vows.
  10. Create one source of passive income.
  11. Participate in a TV show audience.
  12. 5+ family camping trips.
  13. Take a trip to Europe as a family.
  14. Visit Disneyland.
  15. At least one of us donates our hair to a good cause.
  16. Take a vacation in which at least part of the time is spent on a humanitarian/volunteer cause.
  17. Two weeks of no screens (phones, TV, etc.) after 5pm.
  18. One month of exercising every single day.
  19. Pay for a child’s cleft lip surgery.
  20. Foster at least one animal.
  21. Spend one month eating vegan as a family.
  22. Own a king-sized bed.
  23. Plant a tree.
  24. Private Goal 1
  25. Private Goal 2
  26. Private Goal 3

For Jonathon:

  1. Have a conversation in Spanish with our daughter.
  2. At work, be managing a team of people.
  3. Attend the Homebrewer’s Conference at least once.
  4. Take a beer judging class to learn to be a better taster.
  5. Participate in a long-distance biking event.
  6. Join a nonprofit board of directors.
  7. Take a cooking class series.

For Jessica:

  1. Participate in a flash mob.
  2. Try karaoke.
  3. Attend a Garth Brooks concert.
  4. Officiate a wedding.
  5. Be a mentor to someone.
  6. Donate blood 6 times in one calendar year.
  7. Be known professionally as a model for work and life balance.
  8. Try out blogging on professional topics (at least 10 posts).
  9. Participate in at least one endurance exercise event.