As you might know, Jon and I worked on lists of 30 things to do each before we turned 30. After we each hit that milestone, we created a new list of 40 things to do before we turn 40.

We’re both now 33, so how are we doing so far? The summary is that we’ve accomplished 7 things and made demonstrable progress on 3 more. See our full list below.

We purchased our first home last year, and have had a great time putting in small updates here and there to make it our own. We also replaced the foundation, which is a very responsible and incredibly uninteresting update for a house. #boring #earthquakecountry

We created one source of (relatively) passive income in renting out one of our cars on the weekend using Turo. We typically don’t need two cars during the weekend days, so this is a great way to make extra money with little effort. We’ve been doing this for the last 8 months or so with no problems so far. Here’s our referral link if anyone wants to check it out to either rent a car or rent out your car – I believe it gives you a credit when you use this link.

We bought a king-sized bed. It’s great.

We had a 2nd kid (hi, Cam!), which was one of our private goals (now you know!).

We paid for a child’s cleft lip surgery. This was much cheaper than we realized (Operation Smile says $19!), so we decided to donate for several children instead of just one.

We attended a Garth Brooks concert in Sacramento – it was as amazing as I hoped.

And I participated in a Thriller Flash Mob last Halloween. Video here. It was completely out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it! #pregnantanddancinginthestreet

We’ve made progress on a few others – we did one no-kid vacation a few months before Cam arrived when our friends offered to take Brooklyn for the weekend so we could get some adult time before being the parents of two. I’ve done a bit of blogging on professional topics, but have a ways to go before getting to my goal of 10. We did one camping trip with Brooklyn last summer at our CSA farm, Eatwell.

Here’s to more progress before 2016 finishes!

Stewart Family 40 by 40 List

For our family:

  1. Have a dog join the family.
  2. Live and/or vacation internationally for at least one 3 month period.
  3. Take a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park.
  4. Jessica & Jonathan take at least 3 trips with no children, including one for our 10th anniversary.
  5. Take one trip with a destination we decide after having already arrived at the airport to leave.
  6. Lose a collective 15% of our combined body weights keep it off for one year.
  7. Be financially able to purchase a home (or have purchased one).
  8. Make a trip to an Auburn football game in an RV.
  9. Renew our marriage vows.
  10. Create one source of passive income.
  11. Participate in a TV show audience.
  12. 5+ family camping trips.
  13. Take a trip to Europe as a family.
  14. Visit Disneyland.
  15. At least one of us donates our hair to a good cause.
  16. Take a vacation in which at least part of the time is spent on a humanitarian/volunteer cause.
  17. Two weeks of no screens (phones, TV, etc.) after 5pm.
  18. One month of exercising every single day.
  19. Pay for a child’s cleft lip surgery.
  20. Foster at least one animal.
  21. Spend one month eating vegan as a family.
  22. Own a king-sized bed.
  23. Plant a tree.
  24. Private Goal 1
  25. Private Goal 2
  26. Private Goal 3


For Jonathon:

  1. Have a conversation in Spanish with our daughter.
  2. At work, be managing a team of people.
  3. Attend the Homebrewer’s Conference at least once.
  4. Take a beer judging class to learn to be a better taster.
  5. Participate in a long-distance biking event.
  6. Join a nonprofit board of directors.
  7. Take a cooking class series.


For Jessica:

  1. Participate in a flash mob.
  2. Try karaoke.
  3. Attend a Garth Brooks concert.
  4. Officiate a wedding.
  5. Be a mentor to someone.
  6. Donate blood 6 times in one calendar year.
  7. Be known professionally as a model for work and life balance.
  8. Try out blogging on professional topics (at least 10 posts).
  9. Participate in at least one endurance exercise event.