I don’t love having lots of stuff to store between seasons for decorating our home, and at the same time, I do enjoy changing things up with the seasons/holidays.

For the last few years, I’ve been finding a way to meet both needs by using free printables that I find online in frames that we’ve collected over the years.

Today I switched out our Christmas/winter frames and put in New Years-themed prints. It takes about 30 minutes to make the switch, and it’s a mini project I really enjoy when it comes time to change things up.

Here’s the frames that were up around the house since a little after Thanksgiving:


(Before these were up, we had fall-themed prints.)

And here are the frames I put up today:


You can find printables for just about everything – ones with great quotes about each season, ones for each holiday, etc. I switch them up several times in the year (typically at New Years, spring, summer, fall, and winter/Christmas). You can get even more frequent if you so desire (there are definitely printables for Valentine’s Day out there if you’re into it).

Another way this concept gets put to use in our home is in pillow covers – we have inexpensive throw pillows and different covers that are great for various times of the year (ones with leaves in the fall, ones with snowflakes in the winter, some “regular” ones that contrast well with our furniture for most of the rest of the year).

Would love to hear your ideas for this type of decorating – what other things in a home could work like this?