Africa Videos

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I’ve finally gotten some videos up for our Africa trip. You can see all of them on our YouTube page, but fair warning that some of them are like 8 seconds long and not that interesting.

Here’s a quick 3-minute highlight reel that I made that gives you a good sense of the trip.

And here are two of my favorites – one is our scary (but clearly fine in the end) encounter with an elephant at Kruger, and the second is our shark cage diving experience (by far our favorite part of the trip!).


More Africa Pictures

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I had forgotten that we had taken our small point-and-shoot camera to Africa, too – most of the time, Jon had it with him while I was using the DSLR. Recently I found lots of pictures on it, and I’ve added a few of my favorites to our Africa album. Go check out the new ones!


Africa Pictures

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We are back from our trip and I’ve finally had the chance to sort through our (literally) thousands of pictures to find the best to share. I created a Facebook album here – go check them out. I did my best to caption them to provide context.

I also put together a photobook on Shutterfly that you can view here.

In other news, Jon graduated and we harvested the potatoes I was growing on the porch (and devoured them with a pot roast).

Barrel Tasting Weekend & Other Recent Adventures

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We just got home from a really fantastic weekend in Sonoma for Barrel Tasting. We rented a gorgeous house in Healdsburg with four other friends and enjoyed really tasty food and wine all weekend long, in addition to highly interesting conversation and funny moments. I am ending the weekend feeling really lucky to lead this life.

The rest of the pictures here.

Also, we had a blast of a time last weekend at Nav’s wedding with the ECP family. Those pictures are here. There’s also a video of how much fun we had at the reception here. A few of my favorites:

And finally, the little porch garden is growing! At a benefit for Nigel of Eatwell Farm last week, I won a collection of container garden supplies in the silent auction and now have not only potatoes but carrots, cat grass (who knows how that will go over with Barnum and Bailey – we’ll see), rosemary, and basil growing. Hooray for gardening in an apartment!

Bermuda 2012 Video

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A little taste of our trip in video form. Pictures are here.#3 on the 30×30 list – check.